It's never been cool to admit a weakness, so it's understandable that people keep depression to themselves. But when fighting something that makes you feel SO alone, the last thing you should do is not tell anyone. 

So let's use these items to prove to each other how common it is.

1. Buy a t-shirt, or a beanie, or some stickers... and wear the message like you would any other brand's message. (You know, like to brunch and stuff.)

2. If you wear it in a photo, use the hashtag #wegetdepressed. (Instagram: @wegetdepressed)

3. Tell your friends to join us too. The more people who identify themselves, the more powerful the message becomes.

It may seem like a really small idea for such a huge issue, but it could save the life of someone you know. Or maybe even someone you don't! 

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