Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Wait... Am I supposed to wear this stuff when I'm depressed? 

A: You're supposed to wear it whenever. Don't over think it, just wear it.


Q: I want to help. Who should I email?

A: Awesome! Please write to and let's talk.


Q: Something is wrong with my order.

A: Apologies! Please email, and include your order number (if you have it). We'll sort the issue immediately.


Q: I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

A: Just email and let's figure it out.


Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: Probably about 5 business days.

**NOTE: The support has been incredible, and we are completely overwhelmed with orders! We're almost completely caught up, so if you've been waiting - your shirt should arrive within a few days.


Q: Is the shirt soft?

A: Would we do you like that? Of course it is.


Q: What size shirt do I need?

A: The shirts run a bit small, so if you're on the fence we recommend buying the larger size.


Q: Which charity is this benefiting?

A: It's not raising money for any charity. It's an effort to attack depression head on.


Q: Who/Why did you start this?

A: My name is Sara Shelton, and here is my personal story.


Q: Who's the really cool person who designed the logo for you?

A: His name is Paul Meates.